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Course Directors: Yumi Kasai, Dan Weinstein, Robert Desnick and Ravi Iyengar
E-Mail: yumi.kasai@mssm.edu

Course Description: Recent, rapid progress in genomic and computational biology and technologies offer the potential for dramatic advances in the application of genomic sciences to medical practice. This graduate course will provide a detailed overview of the burgeoning field of genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics.

This course taught jointly by the faculty of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics, as well as invited faculty from other departments will introduce students to the tools, methodologies, and goals of genomic medicine. We will cover advances in the fields of pharmacogenomics (i.e., drug effects based on polymorphisms in the human genome). We will examine methods used in the identification of genes underlying monogenic and polygenic clinical disorders, and the central role single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in these diseases and drug effects. Students will be introduced to concepts and assays, including prognostic genotyping and diagnostic expression profiling that will form the basis of personalized medicine. The course will have a mixture of lectures and journal clubs as well as computer labs. Students will read and analyze 4 primary publications in four selected areas of pharmacogenomics.

Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics

DNA Analyses (Hybridization Principles, PCR and Sequencing)

Gene Linkage and Association Studies
Introduction to Gene Mapping Methods

Adele A. Mitchell

DNA Analyses: DNA Genotyping

Cytochrome P450 Polymorphisms and Drug Metabolism

Warfarin/Tegretol Pharmacogenomics
Warfin Pharmacogenetics

Stuart A. Scott

Breast Cancer Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacogenetics of Breast Cancer

Malgorzata Jaremko

Cancer Pharmacogenomics
Defining Clinically Relevant Molecular Subsets of Lung Cancer

William Pao

Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics
Pharmacogenetics and Psychiatric Medication

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