Research Fellowships and Visitors

Distinguished Visiting Faculty
This program will bring recognized leaders in various fields to SBCNY to spend 1-2 weeks for a seminar, mini-courses and interactions with Center investigators and trainees.

Visiting Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellowships
Visiting faculty and postdoctoral fellows can spend up to three months at the Center. SBCNY will provide partial support for the visits to defray housing and living expenses. The goal of the visits will depend on the individual and can take one of two formats: a) develop the researcher's projects with the complementary resources (either experimental or theoretical) or b) allow the researcher to participate in one of the ongoing projects within the SBCNY.

SBCNY Postdoctoral Fellowships
These fellowships will support the training of postdoctoral fellows who conduct collaborative research between the laboratories of SBCNY Investigators and non-participating faculty members. The projects must include integration of experimental and theoretical components and have a systems biology approach. Such fellowships will last typically one year, but in exceptional circumstances a second year may be considered.

Workshops for Undergraduate Biology Educators
These workshops will develop educational materials to facilitate undergraduate educators to incorporate systems biology approaches in their courses. The workshops will focus on biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology teachers who run junior or senior level classes. The workshops will deal with modeling approaches that can be incorporated into their curriculum. Specific examples with problem sets and other self-learning educational tools will be developed.

Visiting Graduate Student Fellowships
Visiting graduate students can be part of one of the research projects within the SBCNY or learn the use of relevant technologies to use in their project. Typically visits will last 2-4 months. Partial support from SBCNY will be available to defray housing and living expenses.

SBCNY Graduate Student Fellowships
One year fellowships for graduate students whose thesis research can be enhanced either by computational approaches or by multivariable experiments. Restricted to students who are co-mentored by SBCNY Investigators.

SBCNY Summer Undergraduate Student Fellowships [Full Description]
SBCNY offers summer research fellowships to the City of New York University (CUNY) undergraduates who are planning to pursue PhD or MD/PhD degree programs after graduation and who are interested in incorporating systems biology approaches into the research that they pursue. The SBCNY Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine is a full-time 10-week research-intensive computational systems biology training program within laboratories of the Center. Please click here for details on how to apply.

Contact Information for Education and Outreach Activities

Terry A. Krulwich, PhD
Director, Education and Outreach

Mailing Address:
SBCNY, Department of Pharmacology & Systems Therapeutics
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1603
New York, NY, 10029


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