SBCNY Fellow Spotlights
Jayanth Krishnan Roy Song, currently enrolled in the PhD program at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, is the first author of a study published in the journal PNAS, titled "ERK Regulation of Phosphodiesterase 4 Enhances Dopamine-stimulated AMPA Receptor Membrane Insertion".
Jayanth Krishnan Jayanth Krishnan, currently enrolled in the Accelerated Physician-Scientist Program (BS/MD) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Albany Medical College, is a recipient of a 2011 Davidson Scholarship. Jay, who conducted research under the mentorship of SBCNY Investigator Avi Ma'ayan, was the winner in the Engineering category at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF). His project was selected as one of the top eight overall projects which earned him a trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).
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Johnson Ho Johnson Ho, City College of New York, Biomedical Engineering major, received the 2011 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and was selected as the 2011-2012 Valedictorian of the Grove School of Engineering. Johnson was a summer 2009 SBCNY Fellow who worked under the mentorship of Kevin Costa (MSSM, Department of Medicine) on a project titled: Post-Infarction Left Ventricular Remodeling and the Law of Laplace.
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Jayanth Krishnan Sara Wildstein from Queens College (Class of 2010), was one of the recipients of the 2010 Jonas E. Salk Scholarship. She is currently a medical student at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Under the mentorship of SBCNY Investigator Eric Sobie during the summer of 2009, Sara's project was titled: Computational modeling of 'leaky' ryanodine receptors and triggered arrhythmias in heart cells.
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Summer 2011 Program Fellows and Research Projects


Che, Abonghatou

Che, Abonghatou (SBCNY Mentors - Aislyn D. W. Boran, PhD, Ravi Iyengar, PhD)
Rutgers University
Major: Biology
Title: EGFR Targeted Therapeutics: EGFR Juxtamembrane Target as an Alternative for some EGFR Driven Cancers

Komosinski, Michael E.

Komosinski, Michael E. (SBCNY Mentor - Avi Ma'ayan, PhD)
Colgate University
Major: Computer Science/Mathematics
Title: Integrating, Predicting, and Visualizing Mammalian Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Luo, Yan Fei

Luo, Yan Fei (SBCNY Mentor - Avi Ma'ayan, PhD)
Brooklyn College
Major: Physics
Title: Finding Potential Drug Targets to Stimulate Calorie Restriction Benefit

>Rahman, Fatema

Rahman, Fatema (SBCNY Mentors - Chiara Mariottini, PhD , Ravi Iyengar, PhD)
York College
Major: Biology
Title: Role of WT1 in Synaptic Plasticity and Memory

Song, Roy

Song, Roy (SBCNY Mentor - Susana Neves, PhD)
The City College of New York
Major: Biology
Title: Regulation cAMP-specific Phosphodiesterase PDE4D3 by Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor and Dopamine

Zaringhalam, Matthew

Zaringhalam, Matthew (SBCNY Mentor: Eric Sobie, PhD)
Colgate University
Major: Molecular Biology/Applied Mathematics
Title: Parameter interactions in electrophysiological models of cardiac cells
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Gordonov, Simon

Gordonov, Simon (SBCNY Mentor - Avi Ma'ayan, PhD)
Undergraduate: Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University
Graduate: Computational Biology, University of Cambridge (Winston Churchill Scholar)
Title: Uncovering Upstream Regulatory Mechanisms from Gene Expression Profiles of Breast Cancer Tumors from Patients



Dalal, Pavan (SBCNY Mentor: Eric Sobie, PhD)
Undergraduate: Biomedical Engineering, John Hopkins University
Graduate: Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego
Medical Student, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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