Summer 2008 Undergraduate Program Fellows and Research Projects

Fejza Bala

Bala, Fejza (SBCNY Mentor: Susana Neves, PhD)
New York City College of Technology
Major: Chemical Technology
Title: Regulation of Dopamine-stimulated cAMP by RGS20
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Alison Goldberg

Goldberg, Allison (SBCNY Mentor: Noel Goddard, PhD)
Hunter College
Major: Psychology (Pre-med concentration)
Minor: Sociology
Title: A High-Throughput, Synthetic Biology Approach to the Study of Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
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Ona Liu

Liu, Ona (SBCNY Mentor: Eric Sobie, PhD)
City College of New York
Major: Biochemistry and Asian Studies
Title: Calcium Leakage from SR Ryanodine Receptors
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Preet Minhas

Minhas, Preet (SBCNY Mentor: Eric Sobie, PhD)
City College of New York
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Title: Parameter Sensitivity in a Model of the Ventricular Action Potential: Visualizing a Multi-Dimensional Conductance Space
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Anastasia Sagalovitch

Sagalovitch, Anastasia (SBCNY Mentor: Avi Ma'ayan, PhD)
Baruch College
Major: Computer Information Systems
Minor: Political Science
Title: Modeling of the Road Coloring Problem using Cell-Cell Communication and a Microfluidic Device
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